Our Team

New York Institute of Go was founded in 2016. We are a group of Go professionals out of 1,000 in the world supported by the American Go Association and Chinese Weiqi Association. Our goal is to communicate and prolong Go spirit and Go philosophy. To do so, we offer small classes for youth students and private lessons for everyone. We hold several Go tournaments throughout the year and organize outreach activities such as workshops and social events. Our Youtube channel has offered free Go lectures to millions of viewers.

If you'd like to support any of our initiatives, consider donating to our affiliate organization, the New York Go Association. The New York Go Association is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to promoting Go in the US.


Stephanie Yin  

Founder & President, Instructor

Stephanie Yin (殷明明) is the founder and president of New York Institute of Go (NYIG). Stephanie is a professional 1p Go player. She became professional in 2007 and a winner multiple US Go tournaments. Stephanie is an experienced Go teacher fluent in English and Chinese. Stephanie led NYIG's organization and support of several international and national Go events. She was a main commentator in the Google Deepmind team for the Ke Jie vs. AlphaGo matches in the Future of Go Summit.

Ryan Li  

PhD, Instructor

Ryan Li (李立言) is a professional (3p) Go player in the North American Go Federation. He has over 8 years of Go teaching experience. Ryan represented North America in the IMSA Elite Mind Games, Samsung Cup, Mlily World Go Open, Chunlan Cup, and Ing Cup international Go competitions. He defeated a world champion and advanced to the world top 16 players in the 2017 Mlily Cup. Ryan runs the Random Opening Challenge series on the NYIG_Go YouTube channel. Ryan received a PhD from Yale University in 2022.

Michael Chen  


Michael Chen is a 7 dan Go player in the American Go Association. Michael received his bachelors degree from Princeton University in 2011. In 2016, Michael was interviewed by CNN's Quest Means Business on CNN International about the first match between AlphaGo and world Go champion Lee Sedol. Michael has won the 2006 North American ING Masters Cup Champion and the 2006 Redmond Cup. Michael represented the US in 2014 Samsung Cup world top 32 players.

Alan Huang  


Alan Huang is a 7 dan Go player in the American Go Association. He is the two time North American champion (2019, 2022) and has finished 2nd in the 2022 US Open Masters tournament. He has represented the US in numerous international tournaments including the Korean Prime Minister Cup and the International Pair Go Championship. Alan received his master from Cornell University in 2021. In addition to Go, Alan also enjoys other problem solving games and tasks such as chess and competitive coding.

Hanchen Zhang  


Hanchen is a professional 1 dan Go player in the Chinese Weiqi Association. Hanchen became professional in 2010 and won multiple tournaments in the US and Canada including the Canadian Open and the Pandanet City League. Hanchen has been an invited teacher at NYIG since 2017.