Welcome to the NYIG Youtube Channel, a production of the New York Institute of Go. New York Institute of Go was established in 2016. 1-Dan Professionals Stephanie Yin and Ryan Li founded the New York Institute of Go to teach and spread the great game of Go in North America. Our goal is to communicate and prolong Go Spirit and Go Philosophy.


Join us as we bring you Go content taught by professional Go players, and directed by a professional director.

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Our Team


Stephanie Yin

Professional Go player, Teacher, and Inspirational Thought Leader

Stephanie Yin (Mingming, Chinese: 殷明明) is the founder and president of New York Institute of Go (NYIG). Stephanie is 1 dan professional Go player in American Go Association and Chinese Weiqi Association. She became professional in 2007 and won multiple tournaments in the US since 2010. As an experienced Go teacher, Stephanie is fluent in both English and Chinese. Since the founding of NYIG, Stephanie has been invited to multiple international Go events. In May 2017, Stephanie attended the "Future of Go Summit" in China as a main commentator of the Google team DeepMind.


Ryan Li

Professional Go Player, Teacher, and Scientist

Ryan is a professional 3 dan Go player in the North American Go Federation. He represented North America in numerous occasions, including IMSA (International Mind Sport Association) Elite Mind Games, Samsung Cup, and Mlily World Go Open. In the 3rd Mlily World Go Open, Ryan defeated world champion Chen Yaoye 9p to advance to the final 16 players. Ryan is a PhD student in atmospheric physics at Yale University. He also teaches regularly at the annual US Go Congress.

Allen Moy

Executive Producer, Director, and Graphics Ninja

Allen, a casual Go player, brings his experience in broadcasting to the New York Institute of Go. Since joining NYIG/NYGA in 2018, he has helped launch NYIG_Go on YouTube, produce, direct, and edit all of our videos. A graduate of New York Institute of Technology in 2010 with a Bachelor's degree in TV/Radio Broadcast Communications, he has worked in all forms of media including television, radio, print, and streaming. Allen is currently a director and technical director at MLB Network, where he’s directed numerous baseball shows, and has been in the media business since high school.