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Join the NYGHS


To join, one must be a high school student between grades 8-12 in New York State with a minimum Go rank of AGA 10 kyu or stronger. 



After joining, all members are expected to complete the following tasks:


  1. Regularly attend a Go club if your school has a Go club OR start a Go club at your school and attend club meetings at least once per month. Go equipment required to start a Go club will be provided for free.

  2. Attend monthly meetings, where the first and last of the year will be in-person and others online.

  3. Reach out to at least 10 elementary schools during the first half of the school year and communicate with them to ask whether they would like to bring Go to their school either through an after school program or an extracurricular course. 

  4. Host a major Go event in the New York area with help from the honorary president. This includes drafting a proposed plan (including the budget) of the event, setting a venue, promoting the event, registration, and attending the event. The event can be newly proposed or the annual school invitational. 



While general tasks are designated for each role, it is expected that members help each other with specific tasks and work together.


2 Co-Presidents - run the NYGHS, alternate handling monthly meetings (take notes for the meeting), monitor other officials, quarterly meetings with the honorary president

Vice President (VP) - advice for co-presidents, coordinate monthly meetings

Treasurer - Budget management, reimbursements for members, quarterly expense reports

Webmaster - manage the website, NYGHS monthly news (such as NYGA tournaments, upcoming election), create and manage google doc/spreadsheets

Promotion head - design a logo for the NYGHS, design fliers for promoting tournament, post updates on Facebook page, write brief reports of major Go events to the AGA


Monthly meeting

Monthly meetings are coordinated by the Vice President. The co-president responsible for ths meeting is expected to lead the meeting and facilitate discussion.


The NYGHS receives $500 each year to cover costs such as promotional costs, expenses related to task 4, and public transportation expenses for task 3. Part of the donations to the NYGA will additionally contribute to this budget. 


To apply to the NYGHS, responses to the following three questions are required:

1. What does Go mean to you and why do you enjoy it? (Maximum 500 words)

2. As a member of the NYGHS, what do you hope to accomplish for the NY Go community during the coming year? (Maximum 500 words) 

3. What makes you fit for the positions that you are applying for? (Maximum 500 words)

Members are selected by the group of honorary presidents. 

Application deadline for the 2019-2020 school year: Sep 30, 2019