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The New York Go Honor Society is a non-profit chapter supported by the New York Go Association (NYGA). The NYGHS executive team includes multiple honorary members from Harvard, Yale, MIT, and Princeton. The board members, such as the chairman and board of directors, will be selected in a self-recommended fashion, by NYGA officers and honorary presidents. 

The mission of the NYGHS is to learn the philosophical ideas that have been embedded in Go for thousands of years. It is a platform that provides young Go players an environment to enrich their Go experience, improve their organizational skills, and broaden their horizons. Specifically, through the NYGHS, our Go players will work together to hone their leadership, logical reasoning, and problem-solving abilities. They will also communicate and cooperate with students from top American colleges to expand social skills and enrich personal accomplishment.

New York Go Honor Society (NYGHS)

Honorary Presidents

Annie Wagner

5 Dan

  • Studies at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

  • The President of MIT Go Club

  • Organizer of Massachusetts Open

Michael Chen

7 Dan

  • Interviewed by CNN about Google AlphaGo match

  • 2006 North American ING Masters Cup Champion

Lucas Baker

6 Dan

  • Former Software Engineer at Google DeepMind AlphaGo Team

Mike Li

7 Dan

  • Studies Neuroscience at Cornell University

  • Studied Creative Writing at Yale Writer's Workshop

  • US Representative at Samsung WorldMasters

Ryan Li


  • Vice President of the New York Go Association

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