2021 NYGHS Summer Open

Sunday, June 27 and Saturday, July 3, 2021

Online: NYGHS Tournament Room on KGS

What is the NYGHS Summer Open?

The NYGHS Summer Open is an online tournament with a hybrid swiss and bracket style tournament. Participants will be split into divisions and compete in 4 Swiss style rounds; the best performing players will qualify for a bracket style tournament the following week (consolation brackets will also be available). The NYGHS Open combines these two formats to allow participants to experience the exciting bracket style tournament, which is usually not as accessible to all levels of play. 

Eligibility: The NYGHS Summer open will be open to anyone with membership with a national organization or anyone with a stable rank on credible Go server. We do recognize however that official ranks/ratings may be outdated however, so participants will be allowed to enter based on the rank they submit. If you have any questions about rank or eligibility please feel free to reach out to 


Note: Higher divisions will carry higher prizes. All the participants must at least register at their most recent rank. Players may register in a higher rank to challenge themselves. Sandbagging activity is strictly prohibited. The tournament director holds the right to ban players who register false information.


The tournament will take place over the course of two days (June 27th and July 3rd). The first day will be a 4 round Swiss system tournament where participants will be grouped into divisions with 16 people. The top 8 performers in each division will “qualify” for a  single-elimination finals bracket which will take place on the second day. There will also be a consolation bracket for those who do not qualify for the elimination bracket and those who get eliminated from the main bracket.

In the event that one division does not have 16 people, multiple divisions may be reduced in size to compensate, and the tournament format will remain the same (for instance if 28 people sign up, we will most likely create two divisions of 14 as opposed to creating a division of 16 and 12). The divisions will still compete for the top 8 spots in the finals bracket, and the consolation bracket will have byes to compensate.

Non-refundable Commitment Fee: $15. The commitment fee will go to the administration, referee, and the anti-AI technical team in order to cover the costs to run and analyze selected games. We intend to provide the best tournament experience to all of our participants. The commitment fee will help the administration, referee, and Anti-AI technical team to prepare for their work in advance, and discourage forfeiting.



Prizes will be available for the top participants of each division. The top three players will receive a free silver subscription to the NYIG youtube channel. The top and the second place players will receive $75 and $50 respectively as a prize.


Tournament schedule: Sunday, June 27th and Saturday, July 3rd

June 27th:

Round 1: 1 pm EDT

Round 2: 3 pm EDT

Round 3: 5 pm EDT

Round 4: 7pm EDT


July 3rd:

Round 1: 12pm EDT

Round 2: 2 pm EDT

Round 3: 4 pm EDT

Round 4 (consolation only): 6 pm EDT

Round 5 (consolation only): 8pm EDT



  • AGA rules, 19 by 19 board, 40 minutes, 3x30 seconds byo-yomi.

  • Time control for finals: 50 minutes, 3x30 seconds byo-yomi. 

  • Undo: undo is not allowed. You are responsible for your own misclicks.

  • Chatting: No chatting is permitted. The only exceptions are: (1) greetings and (2) saying thank you.

  • Paring: Swiss-style pairing. All games (includes Finals) are even with no handicaps with color being chosen randomly by the server. However, in extreme cases or smaller divisions, there may be a handicap - 2 rule installed. 

  • Brackets: All brackets will be divided by ranks. The number of brackets will depend on the number and ranks of participants.

  • Venue: AGA tournament room on KGS

  • Final Standing: Final standings will be determined using the total number of wins. Tiebreakers are resolved using the Sum of Opponent’s Scores (SOS) and further by Sum of Defeated Opponent’s Scores (SODOS).

  • Punctuality: all players are expected to be on time. A player will forfeit the game if he or she is more than 15 minutes late. If you win by forfeit, please wait for the tournament director’s confirmation before leaving. Otherwise, the result is marked as a tie.

  • Result confirmation: The result of a game must be agreed upon by both players. If the game finishes normally, the winner MUST send a personal message to the TD on KGS, with the results being clearly stated.

  • Disconnection: If a player leaves without finishing a game, the opponent should report to the tournament director immediately. A disconnection that lasts 10 minutes or more will also result in a forfeit.

Anti-Cheating and Sandbagging Rules:

To maintain the integrity of the players of the tournament we will be enforcing two main anti-cheating rules: 

The use of AI will not be permitted. Players who suspect that their opponent has used an AI against them should report directly to the tournament director at co-president.nyghs@ny-go.org or to the TD on the date of the tournament. 

  1. Reports will be considered and tracked, and we will conduct an investigation if the number of reports on a player exceeds 50% of their opponents (after round 2 of the Swiss system tournament). 

  2. Participants will also be allowed to request an immediate investigation for a fee of $15. If the result of the investigation concludes that there an AI was used then the fee will be refunded. 

  3. Investigations entail AI similarity analysis by professional or top North American amateur players, not just for reported games, but also previous ones within and outside the boundaries of this tournament.  


Similarly sandbagging is also not permitted and anyone who is found for extreme sandbagging has the right to be disqualified from the tournament entirely. The signup form we use asks for the AGA equivalent rank so if you have any questions about your specific circumstances please feel free to reach out to us at  co-president.nyghs@ny-go.org or use this index for global rankings as a general reference. (https://idex.github.io). 

Registration will end on June 22nd, 11:59 pm. We will also send multiple emails prior to the start date of the tournament to confirm everyone’s information as well as fix any issues that may appear along the way.

For more information about our organization, please visit our website at www.nyghs.org. If you have any questions about registration and rules, feel free to let us know. You can contact us directly at co-president.nyghs@ny-go.org.

If you are new to KGS, please see the KGS download and setup instruction here: ny-go.org/online-class-instructions

If you have questions about how to create a game on KGS, please visit here: ny-go.org/kgs-game-setup