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Ranking Competition

Tournament Rules: 5 Rounds, AGA Rules, 7.5-Point Komi (Even Game), 0.5-Point Komi (Handicap Game)


  • New Rank Competition: the player has neither participated in an AGA ranked tournament nor previously received a ranking certificate.

  • Upgrade Competition: the player has a valid AGA ranking certificate or a valid AGA rating. ​​


Time Limit: 

  • 1-Dan Division: 25 minute main time and 3 periods of 20 second Byo-yomi

  • Other Divisions: 25 minute absolute time


Location: 255-05 Northern Blvd, 2F, Little Neck, NY 11362

Tentative Schedule: 


Announcement: 9:00 AM

Round 1: 9:15-10:15AM

Round 2: 10:15-11:15AM

Round 3: 11:15-12:15 PM

Lunch Break: 12:15-13:00PM

Round 4: 13:00-14:00 PM

Round 5: 14:00-15:00 PM


There is no award ceremony for each ranking competition. Please contact the tournament director if you like to purchase a ranking certificate. More information about ranking certificates can be found here.

Matches will begin promptly. You will forfeit your match if you are more than 15 minutes late. Carry-on wins from last ranking competition can be used in this tournament. Winners will be determined by best records at the end of the event. Tiebreakers will be determined by Sum of Opponent’s Scores (SOSW/SOS) and further by Sum of Defeated Opponent’s Scores (SODOSW/SODOS).  

​New Rank: any player without a rank may enter.

Rank Upgrade:

20-kyu Division: players with ranks of 26-21 kyu.

10-kyu Division: players with ranks of 20-11 kyu.

1-dan Division: players with ranks of 10-1 kyu.


​Students who have accomplished the 18-hour beginner course at NYIG may register as 25 kyu. 

During the ranking tournament, a player advances to the next division as soon as enough games are won to exceed the minimum rank for the current division. Example: A 21 kyu player enters the 21-26 kyu division and wins 1 game. The player is now 20 kyu-equivalent and thus will play the remaining games in the 20-11 kyu division.

Promotion requirements


New Rank:

4 consecutive wins or more is promoted to 21 kyu.

4 wins or 3 consecutive wins is promoted to 22 kyu.

3 wins or 2 consecutive wins is promoted to 23 kyu.

2 wins is promoted to 24 kyu.

1 win is promoted to 25 kyu.

All players are promoted to 26 kyu upon completion of the tournament.

Rank Upgrade:

4 consecutive wins or more is promoted up 4 levels.

4 wins or 3 consecutive wins is promoted up 3 levels.

3 wins or 2 consecutive wins is promoted up 2 levels.

1 win is promoted up 1 level.

Promoting to 1-Dan Level
Upon achieving 1 kyu all previous records are reset. A 1-kyu player must have 4 accumulated wins or 3 consecutive wins to be promoted to 1 dan.

Further wins are carried into the following tournament. Example: if a player wins all 5 games, they will be promoted up 4 ranks and the 5th win will be added as a first win into the next tournament.

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255-05 Northern Boulevard 2FL, Little Neck, NY 11362
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