The NYIG YouTube Channel

A Group of Professionals

Welcome to the NYIG Youtube Channel, a production of the New York Institute of Go. In 2018, professional Go players Stephanie Yin and Ryan Li, and professional director Allen Moy joined forces with one mission: Explain this fantastic game and mind sport to everyone. Built upon simple concepts and ideas, Go is also world's most complex abstract strategy game. Join our exploration of a lifetime's worth of complexity in Go, a board game with rules that only takes 10 minutes to learn.

High Quality Lectures

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Lecture Schedule & Topics

Visit this page for a list of past lecture topics.

Q1: January - March Q2: April - June
Deep Learning in the Opening Joseki and Follow-up
  • Sanrensei
  • Rotating 3-4
  • Kobayashi
  • Chinese
  • Micro-Chinese
  • Modern Orthodox
  • Everyone's first joseki
  • 3-4, high approach, one-space low pincer
  • Star point, double approach
  • 3-5 point joseki (or 3-4, low approach, tenuki)
  • Star Point, approach, 2nd line knight's move
  • Joseki Choice and Direction
Q3: July - September Q4: October - December
Midgame Concepts and Methods Real Game Techniques
  • Early fight
  • Urgent place
  • Positional judgment
  • Whole-board thinking
  • Local and global trade-offs
  • Reduction vs. invasion
  • Must-know tesuji
  • Attack with purpose
  • Corner invasions
  • Side invasions
  • Making light shape (i.e. sabaki)
  • Whole-board endgame

Our Team


Stephanie Yin

Professional, Teacher, and Leader

  • Co-founder and
  • Professional 1 dan in 2007
  • Fluent in English and Chinese
  • Main commentator of the Google DeepMindFuture of Go Summit

Ryan Li

Professional and Teacher

  • Co-founder and lead instructor
  • Became professional in 2014, 3p in 2021
  • The only North American to advance to the world's top 16
  • Yale PhD in atmospheric science

Allen Moy

Executive Producer and Director

  • Casual Go player
  • NYIT TV/Radio Broadcast graduate
  • Worked in all forms of media including TV, radio, print, and streaming
  • Technical director at MLB Network