Private Lessons

Instructors: Stephanie Yin 1p & Ryan Li 1p

Rates: We offer one hour, one and a half, and two-hour private lessons at $90/hr for in-person and $80/hr for online lessons. Private lessons can now be booked directly from our website. Feel free to contact info@ny-go.org, or Ryan or Stephanie directly for further inquiry.

Course Description

Private lessons are offered in combinations of teaching games, reviews, tsumego (life and death problems) and tesuji (good moves for certain shapes) tutorials, and lectures. A teaching game and review are recommended for the first lesson to allow the instructor to get a sense of the student's current strengths and weaknesses. Afterward, a tentative study plan will be designed for the student.


Online Lesson

Students will connect with the teacher via Zoom (video optional) and use KGS, OGS, or Foweiqi. For the first lesson, the instructor will connect with the students 15 minutes before the lesson to welcome the student, set up, and provide a chance to ask administrative questions. 


In-Person Lesson

Face-to-face lessons will take place at NYIG. We also accept on site payments.

Questions? Don't hesitate to