Private Lessons

Instructors: Stephanie Yin 1p, Ryan Li 3p, Michael Chen 7d

Course Description

Our private lessons are offered in combinations of teaching games, game reviews, Go problem homework, and general lectures. In the first lesson, the instructor will ask the student general questions to grasp the student's current strengths and weaknesses. Then, a study plan will be designed for the student.

For the best results, students are strongly encouraged to practice weekly. Instructors assign homework weekly, which include a combination of solving Go problems, playing games, doing textbook questions, self-game reviewing, and studying professional games. Our textbooks provide a systematic instruction series from beginner to 5d. Purchasing our textbook is optional but highly recommended for full coverage of the core concepts. 

Scheduling is flexible on a weekly or biweekly frequency. A live recording of each online lesson is available upon request.


Please contact for further inquiry.



Trial class: $80 online, $99 in person.

Online: [$800 for 10 lessons] or [$1520 for 20 lessons]

In person: [$990 for 10 lessons] or [$1881 for 20 lessons]

Please visit our payment methods page for payment details, thank you!

Online Lesson

Students will connect with the teacher via Zoom and use KGS, OGS, or Fox weiqi (please indicate your preference). For the first lesson, the instructor will launch the meeting room 10-15 minutes before the lesson to set up and solve potential technical issues and answer general questions. 


In-Person Lesson

Face-to-face lessons will take place at NYIG in Little Neck, NY. We also accept on site payments.

Questions? Don't hesitate to