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The 2nd North American Collegiate Invitational

Postponed, Date: TBA

  • Players of all levels are welcome!

  • The registration is open to alumni and current students from the invited North American universities.

  • The total cash prize of $2000 and awarded to both individuals and teams.

  • Reimbursement: each participant receives $100 reimbursement, up to $300 (3 players) per school, to cover food, travel, and lodging expenses.

Our goal is to promote the interests, activity, and outreach of Go players within communities of New York and all other states, Canada, and Mexico. 


For more than 5 years, we have worked to create a world where opportunity is universal and potential is limitless. With an unwavering commitment to impact an entire generation of Go players, our mission is to empower students to pursue their passions through education. We are pioneers in positive youth development, encouraging self-advocacy skills in young people. Our programs foster a growth mindset, instilling in students the strength and skills to persevere and define their own path.


Through our cutting-edge STEM curricula, college-access programs, and digital platforms, New York Institute of Go offers underrepresented student Go players the resources and support needed to thrive in school and beyond.

NYGA Go Championships

The NYGA Go Championships is an all-level Go tournament series launched by the New York Go Association (NYGA) starting 2020. The championship season features 12 qualifying NYGA Monthly Tournaments (NMTs) and an invitational NYGA Grand Final with $500 cash prize for the Champion.

New York Youth Open

The New York Youth Open is a one day tournament held at NYIG. Four rounds are played in the Open. Trophies and cash prizes are awarded to the top three players in each division. All players under the age of 17 are eligible to participate.

Ranking Competition - current: Feb 23, 2020

In the US Go Ranking Competition, players participate in a division of similar rank and promote ranks based on their performance. 5 rounds are played in each ranking competition. All players below 1 dan are eligible to participate.

New York Go Expo

The 2018 New York Go Expo, a festival of the ancient game of Go, is aimed at both Go players and the general public. Aside from the invited team tournament, the Expo will emphasize creativity and collaboration, especially when Go is tied seamlessly with education. Our goal is to pair all interested attendees in a simultaneous game with a strong Go player. ​The Expo is free to the general public. A repertoire of events revolved around Go will be held, from beginner to advanced, and encourage students of all ages to attend. We’d like to see our participants learn, share, and advance, in and outside of Go. ​

U20 Eastern Youth Open

The U20 Eastern Youth Open is a youth tournament held by New York Go Association for all young players who are under 20 years old with over $1,500 prize pool. After Google AlphaGo appeared in 2016, Go became more and more popular in Western countries. 


All of the participants must be under 20 years old by the date of the tournament. The rank requirement to entry is 10 kyu or higher. All players must be a current AGA or CGA member. Players whose AGA ranks are out of date, but have a KGS rank with at least 10 most recent games at rank of 10 kyu or higher may enter. 

NYIG Open: Feb 8, 2020

The NYIG Open is an annual Go tournament sponsored by the New York Institute of Go since 2017. Players of all ages and strengths are welcome to come and play! Cash prizes are awarded in each division. 


4 rounds, AGA rated, with AGA rules, and Swiss categorizing and rank pairings. The open division (5D and up) will have no handicap, while other divisions will play with handicap-1 (e.g. a 1 kyu player will give a 4 kyu player 2 stone handicap).