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The NYIG Youtube Channel launched in-depth professional Go lecture videos to facilitate consistent Go learning. Starting July 2020, 4 lecture videos will be added per month that can be accessed via paid membership for $9.99 per month. Each video covers an essential Go topic, geared towards players from novice to low dan. Our lecture topics are announced around one month in advance of each video season. 


Watch our introductory video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UdkjA0QQSzk

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January - June 2021 Schedule

Week 1: Deep Learning in the Opening

  • Rotating 3-4 Opening - Jan 6

  • Kobayashi Opening - Feb 3

  • Chinese Opening - Mar 3

  • Mini & Micro-Chinese Opening

  • Orthodox Opening

  • Double Star Point Opening


Week 3: Mid-game Concepts and Methods​​

  • Whole-Board Thinking - Jan 20

  • Trade Evaluation - Feb 17

  • Moyo Building - Mar 17

  • Positional Judgment

  • Urgent Place

  • Early Fight

Week 2: Joseki Follow-up

  • Star Point, Approach, Enclosure - Jan 27 

  • 3-4 Point, Low Approach, Diagonal & Keima - Feb 10

  • Star Point, Approach, Pincer - Mar 10

  • Star Point, Approach, Kick

  • 3-4 Point, High Approach, Lower Attachment

  • Joseki Choice and Direction

Week 4: Real-game Techniques​​

  • How to Sabaki - Jan 13

  • How to Attack - Feb 27

  • Whole-Board Endgame Examples - Mar 24

  • Shape Tesuji

  • Corner Invasions

  • Side Invasions

Membership tiers

  • Supporter membership: $1.99 - Special badges and Emoji whenever you comment on our videos!

  • Silver membership: $9.99 - Silver Members will have access to the entire archive of high-quality lectures uploaded at 4 lectures per month, which feature teaching based on the NYIG official books. You will also have download access to lecture notes and homework practice files.

As opposed to our current videos on YouTube, our membership videos are lesson based, continuous, and structured. All lecture topics are selected from the books that we started writing since 4 years ago. It is a series from beginner to 4 dan. (show pictures on the screen). They can be used for self-learning and teaching. The books are not for sale right now, but it will be available to purchase when it’s published.


If you want to keep your Go consistent, do not miss our membership options! If you have any questions, contact us at membership@ny-go.org

Past Lectures

July - December 2020 Schedule

  • Week 1: Deep Learning in Opening

    • Topics covered: Chinese Opening, Mini-Chinese Opening, Micro-Chinese Opening, Kobayashi Opening, Rotating 3-4 point with Approach, Rotating 3-4 point with Enclosure

  • Week 2: Mid-game Concepts and Methods

    • Topics covered: Urgent Place, Early Fight, Whole-Board Thinking, Positional Judgment, Good and Bad Timing, Estimating Trade-Off Situations

  • Week 3: Real-game Techniques

    • Corner Invasion Moves, Side Invasion Moves, Sabaki, Ko Evaluation, Tesuji in Efficient and Inefficient Shapes, Trick Moves

  • Week 4: Endgame Strategies with Quantitative Methods

    • Introduction to endgame concepts, Correct endgame order and whole-board example, Moves with 1-5 points Calculation, and whole-board example, Moves with 6-9 Points Calculation, and whole-board example, Calculation in Whole Board examples, Calculation in Whole Board examples with Ko

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